RMI 542: Object-Oriented (Visual) Prototyping/Programming

RMI 542: Object-Oriented (Visual) Prototyping/Programming
Afonso Ferreira, PhD

The objective of this course is to teach students to program in fast and structured ways in an object-oriented style. The focus is more on object-oriented design and programming than on a particular language, but the language of choice is LiveCode because it is very simple and because allows the programmer to export to all computer and mobile environments. Samples of other languages, such as Java dialects, may be included.
Topics covered will include responsibility-driven design, test-driven development, refactoring, code reading, reuse, parameterization, inheritance, and programming patterns. Students will work on real projects, designing them collaboratively, assigning responsibilities, writing definitions for the classes that can be used to generate objects, creating abstract superclasses in order to share common code, arranging the concrete and abstract classes in an appropriate hierarchy, and writing tests for methods.

Syllabus Reading Resources:

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