Administration Committee

 Administration Committee


The Administration Committee has the responsibility for operation of the CSMM. It is chaired by the Rector of N.E.T.S. and its members are the Dean of the School and the Financial and Administrative Manager. The number of members required for a quorum is 50% plus one of the members of the Administration Committee. Decisions will be taken by a majority vote and in case of equal finish the Chairman of the Administration Committee will have the deciding vote.


Members of the Administration Committee:

Acting Rector of the School: Yiannis Laouris
Acting Dean of the School: Alexander N. Christakis
Program Coordinators (temporary): Yiannis Laouris
  Alexander N. Christakis
Executive Operations Director: Andreas Shoshilos
Administration and Financial Director: Isaac Piryllis
Administrative Assistant Annagrace Messa
Research and Postgraduate Studies Office Manager: Larry Fergeson
Admissions Officer Aliki Economidou
Registrations Officer Maria Georgiou
Students Service Officer Iliada Spyrou
Promotion Officer Elena Aristodemou
IT and Technical Infrastructure Director Andreas Drakos