Acting Rector of the School

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Prospective Students

I warmly welcome you to the virtual space of N.E.T.S. The Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition.

N.E.T.S. represents a unique and innovative experiment in higher education, with possibly nothing analogous anywhere in the world. Our ambition is to create a socio-techno-academic environment in which scientists and social entrepreneurs with a strong vision to design new ideal worlds will be able join their visions, knowledge, expertise, research projects, and activities towards achieving such humanistic goals. All our students collaborate closely in their related projects, that all fall at the interface of science disciplines that hold the keys to the future such as neuroscience, education, systems science, and technology. Students will learn and apply specific theories and concepts from these sciences that are instrumental for designing, rather than anticipating or predicting our futures. Specifically, projects aim to invent, design, and develop theory and practical applications that will make it possible to achieve paradigm shifts in our current models of the world, of governance, of education, of sustainability etc. Key in our approach are the concepts of collective intelligence, collective wisdom, the shift from the focus on the individual to the collective (i.e., group).

Yiannis Laouris was the main founder of CNTI. He is a social and business entrepreneur trained in neurophysiology and systems science. He holds a medical degree from the University of Leipzig in Germany, a PhD in Neurophysiology from the Carl-Ludwig Institute of Physiology in Germany and a masters of science in Systems and Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona.

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