Courses in Meta-Systems Neuroscience (MSN)
MSN 511: Collective Intelligence; Definitions, Measurement, Experimentation (YL) Mandatory (MSc/PhD)
MSN 611: Programming Collective Intelligence of Crowds (YL)
MSN 512: Collective Wisdom; Definitions and Measurement (TF) –
MSN 612: Experiments and Programming to Harness Collective Wisdom of Crowds (YL) Mandatory (PhD)

Courses in Educational Systems Design (ESD)
ESD 521: Technology, Education, and Learning Institutions in 2025 (GV)
ESD 621: Designing Schools of the Future (NE)
ESD 522: Theory, Design, and Implementation of Intelligent Educational Systems (SF) Mandatory (PhD)
ESD 622: Programming Future Learning Environments using cognitive artifacts (IY) Mandatory (MSc/PhD)

Courses in Technologies for Social Systems Design (CSD)
CSD 531: Science of Generic Systems Design (KD)
CSD 631: Whole Systems: Sustainability, Equity and the Environment (PS, GG, SD)
CSD 532: Science of Dialogic Design (AC) Mandatory CSD532(MSc/PhD)
CSD 632: Application of the Science of Dialogic Design towards Social Change (AC) Mandatory (PhD)

Courses in Research Methods & Information & Computer Technologies (RMI)
RMI 541: Research Methods (APC) – Mandatory (MSc/PhD)
RMI 641: Universal Design (PLE)
RMI 542: Object-Oriented (Visual) Prototyping/Programming (AF) Mandatory (PhD)
RMI 642: Universal Apps Development (EM)

Research and Library Projects
MRP 581: MSc Research Project Part I
MRP 582: MSc Research Project Part II
MLP 591: MSc Library Project Part I
MLP 592: MSc Library Project Part II

DRP 681: PhD Research Project Part I
DRP 682: PhD Research Project Part II
DLP 691: PhD Library Project Part I
DLP 692: PhD Library Project Part II

Those underlined as Mandatory (MSc/PhD) are mandatory for all students, both MSc, and PhD.
Those italicized as Mandatory (PhD) are 4 and each PhD student needs to select only 1.

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