Aleco Christakis

  Alexander N. Christakis

Courses: CSD 532: Science of Dialogic Design, CSD 632: Application of the Science of Dialogic Design towards Social Change
Degrees: Ph.D in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Office Hours:  Available through video conferencing by arrangement
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Prof. Christakis, with a PhD in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Yale University (1964) and a Bachelor in Theoretical Physics from Princeton University (1959) has over 35 years of experience in developing and testing methods for engaging stakeholders in authentic structured democratic dialogues. He is past President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, member of the Board of the Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Advisor to the AIO and an advisor to the Ambassador's leadership program for engaging tribal leaders from the USA and internationally. Aleco has been member of the Board of Future Worlds Center since 2010 and has been collaborating with the Cyprus team in peace-, local authorities and media-related projects since 2002. He has published extensively with our team on programs related to the science of structured democratic dialogue.

Selected Publications