Meeting with Gary and Suzan

Gary and Suzan have been collaborating with the team of Future Worlds Center since 1995. Gary stated many years in one of his publications "Cyprus is a com- munication laboratory and an anomaly. It is a country globally connected but locally and interpersonally divided. It is a land divided by bricks, concrete, barbered wire and other barriers of all shapes and forms that compose the Green Line." which was one of the arguments that led to the birth of the technology for peace project. Since then, they remained friends of Cyprus and have been visiting Future Worlds Center almost every year.

N.E.T.S. Application submission

On the 30th of November 2013 the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) successfully submitted the application for the establishment of "The Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition. Neuroscience – Education - Technology – Systems." This tertiary level educational institution will be awarding Master and PhD degrees focusing on the four domains of Neuroscience, Education, Technology and Systems. More information about the courses can be found in our website!

Meeting with Philip Snyder

Dr. Philip Snyder has been with Future Worlds Center (Leg. Registered: Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) since 1995. Dr. Snyder was a Fulbright Scholar in Cyprus who implemented a number of conflict resolution workshops between 1997 and 1998 and supported peace builders in their early efforts to formalize a peace building organization. Dr. Philip Snyder has been since, a visiting scientist to Future Worlds Center and currently a member of N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees and N.E.T.S. Academic Staff. Between the 9th of November 2013 and the 21st of November 2013 Dr. Snyder was at N.E.T.S premises and had a close collaboration with the N.E.T.S project management team. During his visit, Dr. Snyder offered his expertise on a range of matters and frequently added how greatly impressed he was by the progress that the institute has throughout the years made. On his last day, Dr. Snyder congratulated the team and urged them to keep up the good work. Dr. Snyder added that their close collaboration will be virtually continued.

Meeting with Afonso Ferreira

From the 27th of October 2013 up until the 3rd of November 2013 Dr. Ferreira visited our island and frequent visits were paid to N.E.T.S. premises. On the 29th of October 2013 a meeting was held between Dr. Ferreira, the President of the Board of Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI,) Dr. Yiannis Laouris, Miss. Efi Nisiforou (Project Coordinator) and Miss. Aliki Economidou (Project Coordinator). Dr. Laouris warmly welcomed Dr. Ferreira both to Cyprus and as member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees and Dr. Ferreira signed his official letter of acceptance. Dr. Ferreira was extensively updated on the status of The Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition - N.E.T.S. application, and any pending issues were discussed and resolved. Dr. Ferreira offered his valuable expertise on the formulation of the courses, stressing that Cyprus is making a radical step towards the future. Dr. Ferreira wished the very best to the team and added that he is looking forward to a fruitful and successful cooperation. The meeting lasted for a total of two and half hours and a dinner with traditional delicacies followed.