MSN 611: Programming Collective Intelligence of Crowds

MSN 611: Programming Collective Intelligence of Crowds
Yiannis Laouris, MD, PhD

In this course students will familiarize themselves with topics such as recommendation systems, clustering, ranking, optimization, classifiers, decision trees, k-nearest neighbors, kernel methods and support vector machines, feature extraction and genetic programming.

The course will include substantial coursework and a major programming project. Students will work in teams of 2 to 4 persons to develop experimental interfaces capable of measuring collective intelligence and/or experimenting with conditions necessary for harnessing collective intelligence.

The grade will be based on completing assignments, class participation, and the quality of the final program developed.

Syllabus Reading Resources:
• Segaran, T. (2007). Programming collective intelligence: building smart web 2.0 applications. O'Reilly Media.