Sebastian Feller

Courses: ESD 522: Theory, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Educational Systems
Degrees: Ph.D in English Linguistics
Office Hours:  Available through video conferencing by arrangement
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Dr. Sebastian Feller holds a PhD in English Linguistics (with focus in dialog analysis and theories of meaning) (2010) form University of Muenster, Germany, a Master of Arts in English Philology (2006) also from the same University and a Certificate from Chaffey Collage Rancho Cucamonga with major in journalism. Since 2011 Dr Feller works as a Research Scientist for Social Situation Awareness Project at A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing in Singapore and as an Advising Research Scientist on the same project. Dr Feller has also worked as a Lecturer in English at Majan University College.

His research interest focuses in interaction pragmatics, dialog and discourse analysis, teacher-learner interaction research, cognitive and action-theoretical theories of meaning, corpus and computational linguistics, intercultural communication, social media studies, communication studies, human-machine interaction and social robotics.

Selected Publications

  • Feller, S. & Yengin, I. (Eds). (2013). 21st Century Education: Constructing meaning and building knowledge in technology supported learning environments. Netherlands: John Benjamins.
  • Feller, S. (2013). [Review of the book Educational Technologies for Teaching Argumentation Skills, ed. by Nils Pinkwart, and Bruce M. McLaren.] Language and Dialogue, 3(2), 313-317.
  • Feller, S. (in press). Conceptual change in language teaching and learning. Why and how lexical concepts drive meaning construction differently across languages. Theory and Practice in Language Studies.
  • Feller, S. (2012). Recent developments in HCI: The implementation of cultural models in human computer interaction. Language and Dialogue, 2(3), 465-478.
  • Feller, S. (2012). Facilitating active learning in the form of conceptual change through virtual worlds. In C. A. Shoniregun, & G. A. Akamayeva (Eds.), Proceedings of the London International Conference on Education (LICE) 2012, London (pp. 389-394). London: Infonomics Society.
  • Feller, S. (2012). The nature of dialog. Structural and lexical markers of dialogic teacher-learner interactions. In J. Wenyu (Ed.), Proceedings of Workshop at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012, Singapore (pp. 73-76). New York: ACM.
  • Feller, S. (2011). Language use and the lexicon. Language and Dialogue, 1(1), 129-145.