Susan Drucker

Courses: CSD 631: Whole Systems:Sustainability, Equity and the Environment
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Prof. Susan J. Drucker holds a Juris doctorate (1982) from John's University School of Law, an M.A in Media Studies from College of the City University of New York and a B.A in Communication Arts & Sciences/Political (1979) from the same University. She is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication, Hofstra University, N.Y. and the incoming president of the Eastern Communication Association. She is the co-founder of Communication Landscapers, the co-editor of American Heroes in a Media Age and Voices in the Street: Gender, Media and Public Space and The Huddled Masses: Communication and Immigration. Her research has appeared in many journals in both the fields of communication and law.

Her research includes the medium of space, media law and the impact of regulation on social interaction, interpersonal communication in public space, the implications of new technologies, social cohesion and the field of legal geography.

Selected Publications

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