Research Methods (RM) Third-phase Science - Information & Computer Technologies (ICT)

Science has evolved but the science of science did not. Practically all science is still based on Phase I and Phase II science, at a time that quantum theory and Phase III science are challenging our world views like never before. Unless we make a brave paradigm short and begin to understand and harness the concepts of Third Phase science, we are bound to remain within the vicious circle of the past. At the same time of course, the deployment of ICTs and their uptake by society affect radically the human condition, insofar as it modifies our relationships to ourselves, to others and to the world. At N.E.T.S. we consider it imperative that modern citizens, especially future scientists, social entrepreneurs and aspiring change makers should be proficient with Research Methods, with the concepts of Third-phase Science, with information technologies and applications as well as with design, experimentation and programming.